Lacey Black Cross Yellow Gold Bead Necklace


The Lacey Black Cross Yellow Gold Bead Necklace is a simple necklace with a nice touch of color with the yellow gold bead. The black cross hangs at the end of the black cord. The cord is of an adjustable length. This is a versatile piece for any wardrobe. 

Pair this necklace with some yellow gold earrings in the Lacey range. Shapes includes diamond, circle or square. 

    1. Base metal with a yellow gold plated bead
    2. For the woman who loves oversized lightweight necklaces
    3. Adjustable length 
    • Necklace Dimensions:
      1. Width: 45mm
      2. Cord length total: 92cm
      3. Total necklace height: 55cm
      4. Weight: 13.3g

Collections: Lacey, NECKLACES


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