Southland Charity Hospital Collection 

We are very excited to announce the launch of a jewellery line in collaboration with Fabuleux Vous and Country Jewel. This idea has been in the pipeline for some time and thanks to a serendipitous meeting between Helen Thompson-Carter and Melissa Vining it has come to fruition.

Blair and Melissa Vining selflessly spent the last months of Blair’s life rallying New Zealander’s to petition for a national cancer agency. When Blair realised that this was not going to solve healthcare access issues in a timely way he set plans in motion for a charity hospital to be founded to help those in Otago and Southland who could not get care in the public or private system.

It is important to pay tribute to Blair’s legacy and celebrate the community that has contributed to bringing Blair’s vision to reality. Our annual donations drive, ‘Red, Black and White Day’ does exactly that. The colours of Blair’s much loved Midlands rugby club were designed into a rugby jersey for ‘Pack the Park’, first in 2019 and then again in 2020. Since then, the colours have been used as a tribute to Blair and his impact on everyday kiwis throughout New Zealand. 

The jewellery range designed in collaboration with the Southland Charity Hospital and funded by Fabuleux Vous pays homage to events run in honour of Blair in the past. The designs feature the eye catching red, black and white that have become attached to the hospital as well as symbols such as a rugby ball, rugby jersey and white Christmas lily (Blair’s favourite flower).

Not only does the jewellery symbolise where the Southland Charity Hospital has come from it represents connection, relationships and the bonds that have been formed. Each person who has supported the Southland Charity Hospital has in turn become attached to the legacy of the hospital. We are excited for supporters to be able to wear their hearts (or in this case jewellery) on their sleeves to demonstrate their support of our organisation.  

Sales from the rope bracelets or sterling silver charm bracelets will lead to a $20 donation, the charms and lapel pins, $10, while the keyrings will mean that $5 is donated to the hospital.

The Team at Fabuleux Vous (FV Jewellery) feel proud and privileged to be part of the SCH journey.

Please join us in supporting an amazing cause and effort today x