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About FV

We are a team who share the same passion and commitment to creating jewellery pieces that are infused with meaning and soul from conception to the retail store.

 We’re not going to tell you how our jewellery collections will make you feel, it’s too personal for that. What we can promise you is each piece has a woven story and we are sure there will be something in our collection that will resonate with you and become part of your life, like a dear friend or loved one. 

 We’ve given a lot of thought to getting the right balance between quality and cost. Our quality is peerless. Whether it is our fine sterling silver or one of our playful fashion pieces our jewellery is designed to be timeless and enduring.  

Our prices are accessible and represent incredible value for money. We don’t have unnecessary overheads and you won’t pay for someone else’s name. You will however, pay for quality and elegant design with unsurpassable meaning. A meaning that expresses the essential qualities you need in life: courage, commitment, kindness, celebration, respect, and love.

Our mission is simple – to produce jewellery that captures a moment in time and becomes part of your life story.

After all, it’s all about you – fabulous You!

The Fabuleux Vous Team

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