Wearing Colour

Wearing Colour

This season is all about colour! I have been travelling between New Zealand and Australia, visiting our stockists and retail partners, and everyone is saying the same thing - we want colour! It seems as though since we have emerged from the pandemic we are wanting to express ourselves, stand out and feel good when we leave the house. The best way to do this? With a colourful piece of jewellery! 

As we move to the warmer summer season we often wear lighter colour clothing, linens are more at the forefront of our wardrobes, and pretty summer dresses come out to play. Pair your favourite clothing pieces with bright, fabulous jewellery for a chic, summery look. 

Our La Pierre collection has 12 colour options to choose from. This range is crafted from sterling silver paired with semi-precious stones or freshwater pearls. Over the last few months, our sales show the most popular colours are Fuchsite, Amazonite, and Freshwater Pearl. Let’s take a closer look…

Fuchsite is a vibrant green stone that displays an array of gorgeous green shades. The semi-precious stone is associated with an increase in energy, which results in healing. I love wearing the short fuchsite necklace, earrings and bracelet with a long, black, flowy, summer dress. It adds a touch of colour, while completing my look. Great for the office, summer dinner parties and special occasions. 

Amazonite is a cool, calming, turquoise semi-precious stone that reflects various tones of light blues. Known as a stone of balance, with properties to alleviate worry and fear, while instilling principles of truth, hope and clarity. I like to wear the long Amazonite necklace with a loose white linen shirt and my denim skirt. I also pair it with the very popular La Stèle Amazonite Ring and it ties in together perfectly! This is a very quick and easy look, perfect for everyday.

Freshwater Pearls have long been known as the gem of the sea. The pearl is a symbol of beauty, wealth and prosperity. In summer, I love the look of white pearls with florals, and warm colours. These styles really bring out the shiny lustre, and unique elements of each pearl piece of jewellery. Choose a necklace length to suit the neckline of your top or dress, and go for a layered bracelet look. I wear my La Pierre White Freshwater Pearl earrings basically everyday, as they are just so versatile!

If you haven’t yet - don’t forget to check out our Christmas gift collections for gifts to suit your budget! 

Join me in choosing to wear colour this summer…express yourself, look and feel fabulous!

See you soon, 

Helen x

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