The Joys Of FV - With Helen

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The Joys Of FV - With Helen

I often get asked what is my one favourite thing I do within the business…I can never pick one! When you have a small, family business you take on many roles, so I am going to pick my three favourite aspects to share with you. I am very passionate about these three things equally, they bring me so much joy, pride and purpose. 

First and foremost it is being with people, our people – our FV Jewellery team, our retail partners and you, our fabulous customers. I love learning about you, your jewellery and how your jewellery shares in your special moments throughout your life. They say that business is never business without its people, and I am so grateful that people choose to be part of the FV journey. Your unrelenting support is something I will always be truly grateful for – so thank you for choosing to be in the FV Jewellery community!

As strange as it sounds – I really love to pick, pack and dispatch orders. I often work until very late or have a 5am start to get your orders on their way to you as quickly as possible. I love it because I get to feel, touch and look at all our beautiful products over and over again. I often have this overwhelming sense of incredible satisfaction, that all the hours and hard yards that go into producing just one beautiful piece of jewellery, is so worth it. I love it because I actively visualise a special woman receiving her jewellery and being delighted with it - I sense how good that is going to make her feel and how she will make it work with her attire. I have this huge sense of gratitude and hope – gratitude for choosing our product and the hope for repeat business/purchases - I love this so much.

When I am packing retail orders, I have the same but a different feeling – the strongest feeling of gratitude comes from knowing our retailers have so much choice and space in store is precious – yet they chose FV Jewellery. I truly am thankful for this. I see in my rose tinted glasses how beautiful it will look in store and the reaction customers will have to it when they see it for the first time. I imagine myself in their store selling our product...

Lastly, the challenge! I love the challenges that come with the design process, of searching through images, books, component information and having to drink a fair share of wine to find that inspiration to start a drawing….. Most times once you get that idea it flows, but other times it can be multiple attempts over a long period of time to nut things out and feel like you have a hero. Considering it all starts from pen and paper to a physical product, the design process is nothing short of phenomenal.

We are currently working on some new additions to the FV Jewellery & More line up – and this will need more conversations and feedback from you, fresh thinking and tapping into innovation. We would love to hear what you think!

So the saying goes : Love what you do, do what you love and that sums it up for me here at FV Jewellery.

Helen x

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Colleen Strachan
Colleen Strachan

October 25, 2022

Perfectly you Helen – that’s why we love what you do and you 💜

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