Lacey Silver Circle Necklace


Make a statement with the Lacey Circle Necklace. The finely cut pendant is silver plated and placed at the end of a black cord. The cord is adjustable, therefore holds versatility in being able to be worn short or long. The simple, shiny silver stands out on any outfit. 

Pair this necklace with the Silver Lacey Circle Large Earrings or the Silver Lacey Circle Small earrings. 

    1. Base metal with silver plating
    2. Matching size pendant to Lacey Silver Earrings
    3. For the woman who loves oversized lightweight necklaces
    4. Adjustable length 
    • Necklace Dimensions:
      1. Width: 56mm
      2. Cord length total: 84cm
      3. Total necklace height: 48cm
      4. Weight: 6.4g

Collections: Lacey, NECKLACES


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