Hooplah 3 Hoop Pearl Necklace


The biggest and boldest necklace in the Hooplah collection, this necklace is on a black suede cord and has three hoops at the bottom, a small, medium and large. A feature of this necklace is the shell pearl which balances the cord with the metal hoops. This is a bold and classic necklace!

    1. Three steel hoops
    2. Black suede cord
    3. Adjustable chain for variable length 
    4. White shell pearl
    • Necklace Dimensions:
      1. Largest hoop width: 5.5cm
      2. Hoop length: 5.5cm
      3. Cord length: 38cm
      4. Total necklace height: 43.5 cm
      5. Weight: 73g

Collections: Necklaces, Sale

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