CBRH Red Car Charm


Classic cars never go out of style! 

This red charm is a replica of the cars of a bygone era.

 Beautifully crafted sterling silver and hand finished with resin.

Slide these onto your charm bracelet or wear as a necklace.

      1. 925 sterling silver vintage car with red resin

      2. Weight: 5.15g (approx)



    1. Car side profile width/length: 21mm

    2. Car front on width: 9mm 

    3. Hollow inner with 1.5mm thick casing 

    4. Enhancer Thickness: 1.5mm 

    5. Enhancer Height: 8mm

    6. Car Height: 8mm 

    7. Top of enhancer to bottom of car height: 16mm




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