Meet The Team


FV has a small but mighty team!
We are so lucky to have these individuals to make up our vibrant team.
So here, meet the fabulous women that bring to you FV Jewellery.


Helen Thompson-Carter | Director, Founder & Owner

Helen is passionate about beautiful inspiring jewellery, and about making women feel fabulous. Helen drives the design, sales, and charity/community aspect of FV.

She loves being so closely connected to customers and retail partners here in New Zealand and across the globe. 

Helen truly is the Mother of FV, and FV team members are quick to become family. Helen feels so blessed to be surrounded by such special people.

Helens favorite collection is Declaration.


Jane Carter Marketing & Online Digital Manager 

What Jane loves the most about FV is the fast-pace, and exciting environment that is FV. Jane takes care of the website, social medial, and other digital and marketing platforms.  

Jane enjoys experiencing in the delight that FV brings to many women’s lives, while enjoying plenty of the beautiful jewellery herself.  

Jane's favourite collection is Ballas.


Lorraine Ward-Allen | Accounts

Lorraine took over the accounts role at FV in July 2020. She enjoys being involved in the day to day running of a NZ business. Lorraine has a personal interest in fashion & having the right jewellery to go with an outfit which really compliments your overall look.

Lorraine is passionate about shopping locally to support our NZ businesses.

Her favourite pieces are from the La Roche collection. It reminds her of when she was a child & used to collect gem stones on the beach in the Coromandel.


Melva Kunders | Operations & Administration Support

One of the things Melva loves about working at FV is the way she is treated with love and respect. Melva is key in operations and stock management. Melva is constantly learning new things and pushing herself out of her comfort zone.

Melva is truly a valuable member of the FV team, and we are so lucky to have someone so flexible and willing as part of our fabulous team.

Melva’s favourite collection is Areeya. 


Emma Everett | Content Creator 

Many of our beautiful images and creative content come from Emma! She creates the most amazing images and has been a fabulous addition to the FV team.

The collection that Emma loves the most is Breeze.


Fergie Carter FV Workplace Support & Mascot

Fergie is Helens Labrador. Fergie comes to work everyday with Helen. She enjoys many pats, cuddles & occasional snacks.

Fergie takes care of morale and is extra welcoming of anyone who may come into the studio…ready or not!

She has been with FV from almost the beginning, experiencing the late nights and early mornings. She is supportive no matter what. We are so lucky to have a fabulous furry friend like Fergie.

Fergie’s favourite collection is Forte.