A Fabulous Story

Welcome to my story. I am Helen Thompson-Carter, creator and director of FV jewellery. And here is where it all began…

 Like all of us I have many roles in life, I’m a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a mentor and an inspirer. And then I’m a survivor and celebrator of life.

My own jewellery tells the story of my life. My engagement ring was my mother’s. There is a necklace I was given when battling to survive a heart attack as a young mother at just 37. It was a piece that fortified me with courage and hope. There are all my Mother’s day presents, and a bracelet I purchased to celebrate liberation.

My world collided when as a businesswoman, I fell in love with the jewellery industry. It wasn’t for the beauty, or for the material pleasure, but for the story that went with each piece.

It was for all of these reasons that I created FV.

I wanted to have a jewellery brand that was innovative, inspiring and accessible. I wanted to share my love and story with many others. It could be honour, play, bravery, faith, celebration or remembrance.  I wanted to connect jewellery to the owner.

We are proud to offer a range of collections in both sterling silver, and fashion.

FV was created to express the essential qualities you need in life – courage, dedication, joy, individuality, and love.

It is my wish, that every piece you choose will be fabulously yours.

Helen xx