Women for Women

Women for Women

Women to Women – Women for Women  

If there is one thing I want you to know about Fabuleux Vous is that we are Women designing, creating and sharing jewellery for Women. We are so proud to be a female owned and operated New Zealand business. I love being a business women and I love what I do.

As women, we often take on many roles. I am fortunate enough to have two daughters, Lucy and Jane. I wanted to show them that women are focused and driven, that wearing the hat of mother, wife, business owner, friend, and so on was all achievable. I want to leave them a legacy that is built on love, trust, determination, and hard work, with a strong sense of community. A legacy that meant something not only to me, and to our family, but to all the women who own and wear our beautiful Fabuleux Vous jewellery.

The women for women concept becomes even more special when we can operate so intimately on a local basis. Our team is made up of family (we are ultimately a mother daughter team) and local women sharing the same caring, generous, dynamic ethos.  At the core of everything we do is a beautiful women, and we never ever forget that or deviate from the concept ‘Women for Women’.

Being a family business means we bring our core family values of love, respect, trust, honesty and integrity to the business environment. I have a very clear expectation that these core values permeate through every level of our business and everything we do.

Being local has never been more important. But local is bigger than just our back yard and surrounding geography. For me being local brings an overwhelming sense of community, of support, of loyalty and in many cases, compassion. To shop at a local businesses is to support local families and communities across New Zealand.

I am proud to be a business women, a business owner and head a small but incredible team of women who are Fabuleux Vous. While my number one priority is always going to be my precious family, I remain staunch and proud to be a women creating beautiful jewellery to wear, adore, cherish and gift to other fabulous women…

Women are amazing!

With love,

Helen x


Helen wears the La Pierre Fresh Water Pearl Earrings
Granny or Colleen (Helen's Mum) wears the Perle Long Pearl Necklace

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