The June Birthstones...

The June Birthstones...

Our June babies are lucky as June has two birthstones! One is pearl & wow do we so love pearls, the other is moonstone. Fabuleux Vous have pieces for both.

Let’s start where my heart is - pearls! Pearl jewellery is something we know & love very well. Pearls know as the ‘Gem of the Sea’ have long been a symbol of beauty and adornment and our array of beautiful pearl pieces are a modern take on the classic look. As we design in our Auckland studio, our goal is to create a timeless piece of jewellery. With a pearl this takes several steps to ensure the piece tells a story, can be created to a high quality and its finished look is balanced.

Pearls are the perfect gift! Yes I said it & I’ll say it again. Our range of pearls begin at $39 and ends above $599, so we know we have something for everyone. But our range is from simple studs to unique pieces like no other. We believe we have the most unique offering of pearls across Australasia. Our pearl jewellery includes both fashion jewellery and fine jewellery. For example stainless steel or base metal paired with a fresh water pearl or a man-made pearl, up to sterling silver, rose gold & yellow gold plating paired with an array of pearls. We love to use keshi, fresh water, baroque, seed pearls, mother or pearl, and man made pearls in our designs.

With natural pearls such as baroque and keshi pearls, they are unique in their shape and size, this is due to the nature in which they grow. We love this about keshi and baroque pearls as it means that your pearls are perfectly unique. 

For a June birthday, here are my top 5 recommendations for this season:

  1. Perle White & Silver Shell Pearl Earrings - $39. The perfect bridal earrings, featuring a white shell pearl hanging on a silver thread. Easy to wear with a stud style earring, and perfect for special occasions at an amazing price.  
  2. La Pierre Keshi Pearl Stretchy Bracelet - $69. This easy to wear stretchy bracelet is available in pink, white and grey keshi pearls. The small pearls sit on the elastic with a petite sterling silver heart. This is the most popular gift option at FV. Also available in fresh water pearl.
  3. La Stele Mother of Pearl Ring - $149. A bold and beautiful ring featuring a large round cut of the mother of pearl on a wide silver band. This ring is available in three sizes and is not to be missed!! 
  4. Silver Perle 5 Drop Silver Earrings - $269. Featuring 5 round fresh water pearls in a drop style earring. A modern take on the classic style of pearls. These are also available with rose gold or yellow gold plating. 
  5. Silver Perle Long Pearl Necklace - $599. My go to necklace as it is so versatile! A 120cm length of 6mm fresh water pearls, finished with baroque pearls at either end. There are so many ways you can wear this necklace, wear it to suit your look! It is your scarf of jewellery. Every way you can wear a scarf you can wear this necklace

Moonstone is a stone that is known to bring light to the dark corners of your life. It helps establish balance and assists with the journey of new beginnings. The stone is a light grey in colour with reflections of blue, green and gold. We came across moonstone last season and we were so excited to have our first piece of moonstone available at FV…Introducing the moonstone stretchy bracelet. Made up of small round moonstone on elastic, finished with a sterling silver heart. This bracelet is easy to get on and off, and is just $69. This is a gift you know they will love!

I hope you will choose to shop our beautiful range of pearl jewellery this June to find something for our special June babies. Born in June or not, pearls are always a great idea. Pearls will take any outfit from zero to hero!

Please enjoy our free shipping NZ wide & complementary gift wrapping on every order. 

Stay fabulous,

Helen xx

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