The Breeze Story

The Breeze Story

It all began when Greg Smith moved in as our Neighbour in rural south Auckland about 6 years ago. Our family welcomed Greg to the area with a few drinks and nibbles, and from that night, a friendship for life began to bloom. 

We would have dinner and drinks often, catch up over the shared fence, or bump into each other at the top of the driveway. One night after a couple of chardies, we had a brilliant idea to create something unique and fabulous! Together we combined our strengths, and decided to take on a new adventure, this of course was to begin an equestrian inspired range of jewellery…

Breeze is the name of Greg's award winning Hanovarian horse, together they have been champions. And so our 'Breeze' was born.

We mapped out some intricate designs with equestrian inspiration; the saddle, the pony head, the horseshoe, and the Breeze wreath. We began to design these pieces to be made in sterling silver. We started with necklaces, charm bracelets, lariats, tie slides, cufflinks and stud earrings. Our designs were crafted to symbolise the special bond of all things equestrian, whether that be with a person, place, horse or moment. We wanted to have something special to share with all members in the equestrian community, to celebrate the emotional connection a rider or horse owner has with their horse.

As a well known and loved rider in the equestrian community, Greg took the lead on designs he felt would resonate well with our soon to be Breeze customers. I had the levers to bring these jewellery designs to life. 

Today, Breeze is nothing short of amazing! The collection has gone from strength to strength and now boasts over 100 products. In Breeze you will find an outstanding range of equestrian inspired sterling silver jewellery, horse head rope bracelets, riding polo shirts, merino riding socks, horse treats, long sleeve tops, make up purses and tote bags. Our products have been made to be of a very high quality, so you can wear them as you go about your equestrian lifestyle. 

All of our Breeze products are shipped from the FV South Auckland studio with free shipping NZ wide. If you would like to check out the Breeze collection, please click here.

If you would like to see the services Greg has, please visit his website here.

FV has a wide range of jewellery from timeless pieces, to a unique offering of pearls and a fabulous range in fashion and stainless steel, to view our full range, please click here.

Greg and I remain committed to our loyal friends who continue to support us in our adventure. We are continuously looking for new ways to bring our ideas together and grow our collection. Thank you for being part of this horsey journey with us. 

Wear, share, ride and enjoy!

The Breeze Team (Greg, Helen & Jane) x

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