Stainless Steel Jewellery

Stainless Steel Jewellery

Why choose stainless steel jewellery?

There are many metal options to choose from in the jewellery design and creation process. From solid gold, to sterling silver, stainless steel, brass and so on there are several things to consider; durability, look, cost, and jewellery type to name a few. 

We have a fabulous range of jewellery in the fine sterling silver space, but over the last year we have worked more and more with stainless steel in our fashion collections. We often get asked about stainless steel and its properties.

Stainless steel is a great metal for jewellery and here is why we love it….

  1. Durability - Stainless steel is a long lasting metal. It is strong and solid while not being too heavy. We choose to work with metals we know are of a high quality so they are going to last!
  2. Safety - One of the very important things is stainless steel is a hypoallergenic metal, meaning it is lead and nickel free. People are very rarely allergic to stainless steel. It is completely safe to have on the skin.
  3. Resistance - Due to its strong elements, stainless steel is less likely to scratch or dent.
  4. Process - Stainless steel is an easy metal to work with in the manufacturing process. For example, we use yellow gold plating on some of our stainless steel pieces, in which stainless steel undergoes the plating process exceptionally well. It comes out very shiny and retains a bright, glossy finish.
  5. Affordability - Jewellery prices ultimately depend on the price of the composition of metal. Stainless steel is a very affordable option for a high quality piece of jewellery…often people can’t tell the difference!

If you are looking to update your jewellery box but need to stick to a budget while wanting to ensure you choose something of high quality, safe and fabulous then take a look at our stainless steel pieces in our Steel Me collection.

Steel Me was designed to be a collection of on trend pieces for everyday wear. From stainless steel chains, earrings and necklaces, there is a great range of women's jewellery to choose from, for yourself or even as gifts. 

Choose stainless steel, we love it and we know you will too!

Helen & Jane

FV Jewellery x

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