Quality & Design in Freshwater Pearls

Quality & Design in Freshwater Pearls

The process of bringing something new to FV begins with inspiration, conversations, ideas and then pen to paper. It can be exciting, challenging, fabulous and consuming all in one!

We recently launched our new pearl strand necklaces. As you may know we have one of the most unique ranges of pearl jewellery across Australasia. We are so proud of how amazing our collection of pearl jewellery is. While unique pieces are always fabulous, it is important to have pieces that are absolute classics…and a pearl strand necklace is one of those, but ours has an FV twist. 

Our pearl strand has been carefully designed to last a lifetime. Quality is something we will never compromise on, and remains a key point in the design process. So what makes our pearl strand different from the rest you might ask? Well here is how…

Each pearl is threaded onto the cotton strand and then double knotted to secure it in place. This means the necklace will not break unexpectedly and go ping! This keeps the necklace looking elegant while having a durable finish. 

Secondly, unlike many other pearl strands we use freshwater pearls as opposed to a man made pearl. This means each necklace has the gorgeous shine and natural lustre of the freshwater pearl. 

What's more to love is we have two sizes and two lengths available. Our strand is available in a 4mm and 6mm freshwater pearl sizes as well as a 40cm or 45cm length chain, both with a 5cm extender chain. We chose this length as simple pearl strands look best when they are worn on the chest close to the neck. A freshwater pearl strand is classy, on trend and simply stunning.

Shop one of our freshwater pearl strands here as a classic addition to your jewellery box. Or, send a pearl strand as a gift to someone special. We promise it will be loved as much as we both love ours!

Pair the freshwater pearl strand necklace with some freshwater pearl studs to complete your look. Also available in both the 4mm & 6mm freshwater pearl. 

Yours in perfect pearls,

Helen & Jane x

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