Necklace Styling

Necklace Styling

Wearing a necklace can be many things…worn to make a statement, to show a current fashion trend, a piece for remembrance, or a simple way to elevate a look from afternoon to evening. We love that jewellery is a personal expression of stories and style, and here are a few of our favourite necklace trends. 

Layering! A very current and popular way to wear a range of your favourite necklaces together. The best way to wear layered necklaces is at different lengths, but we recommend shorter styles so they sit on the chest. This way each necklace has its own place to shine. In our Steel Me collection we have paperclip chains, curb chains and snake chains which make the perfect combination for an on trend layered look. 

A great way to elevate your look is with a pendant style necklace. The necklace length and style should be based upon the neckline. For a V neck top or dress we love a pendant to sit in the V. This look ties the outfit together by creating balance. A great way to dress up a t-shirt is to go for a more bold or unique pendant. This creates a point of interest for a simple outfit. For a range of pendant style necklaces that are fun and fabulous, explore our Bijoux collection. 

Pearls are always elegant and timeless, but they can also be bold! We love it when pearls are designed to make a statement. In our Silver Perle collection we have a range of necklaces centred around the beauty of the pearl. For the ultimate statement, choose our long fresh water pearl strand. Featuring 170cm of fresh water pearls complete with two baroque pearls. Wrap it, tie it, pull it and wear it your way to make a statement!

We all have a sentimental necklace, whether it was gifted to us for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or is a family heirloom, there is something very special about wearing a piece of jewellery so close to our heart. In our Declaration collection, there are 15 stories to share in life’s journey from love, to freedom, peace and friendship. This gorgeous sterling silver collection was designed to share your stories and inspire new ones.  

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