Mother's Day

Mother's Day

When you reach a certain age and stage in your life you realise there is so much more to life than just being you. I am wife, a daughter, sister, friend, business colleague, aunty, neighbour and most importantly I am a Mother. I hold the honour of being a mother to my Lucy and Jane – what an amazing gift. And then there is my own beautiful mother! I count my blessings every day for the role Lucy, Jane and my mother play in my life – I treasure the memories and the fun times. I often reflect on how much we have learnt and taught each other.

Being a Mother is a big and important job – sometimes we get it right and sometimes we need some time to regroup, redirect and do things a little differently. Mothers are navigators, influencers, leaders, motivators and caregivers  - that is a mighty big job!

For me Mother’s Day is about celebrating the unconditional love of a family, being together in some way shape or form – whether it be physically or by Facetime, or a phone call because there is physical distance between us. Mother’s Day is about gratitude, and I thank my Mother for loving me so much, for the gifts of hope and faith which has enabled me to pass these onto my girls.

Our family takes every opportunity to celebrate these momentous occasions, and yes celebrations come with an abundance of fabulous favourite foods and good wine! We dress up, we turn the music on and we savour every moment together. 

To celebrate motherhood and all it entails I designed two simple but capturing necklaces. One is a coin engraved with the dictionary definition of Mother, while the other has two hands holding a heart with a small quote on the back. They are both made from sterling silver and they can be engraved. These are for us, the Mums.

To all the beautiful Mothers out there – Happy Mother’s Day! I wish you love, happiness and fun times with your family.

Helen x

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