Jane's Jewellery Essentials

Jane's Jewellery Essentials

Jewellery comes in so many styles, shapes, colours, metals and more! Choices can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to start. I have put together my choices for the 5 jewellery essentials that every woman needs - these are pieces that match with everything and anything, that you reach for day in and day out without hesitation, that when you wear them you look and feel fabulous!

Firstly, you need a pair of hoop earrings. Choose a pair that are well made and unique to your look. Hoops do not have to be boring! We have a great range of hoops from sterling silver hoops to stainless steel hoops paired with semi-precious stones and pearls. My personal favourites are the ballas 3 bead cluster small hoops. They are traditional sterling silver hoops with a bohemian flare. They bring life to any look and I always get so many compliments!

When you are working, socialising or relaxing you always feel good when you look at your hands and you see your special pieces of jewellery! I believe we all need a ring, or a few rings that tell our story, so when we see our hands… we see a reflection of our personal journey. I designed the Love Goes Round Circle Ring, and I wear this everyday. For me it represents the love of my family and I am reminded of the love we all share.

In the words of Coco Chanel “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” Pearls are both classic and timeless. Pearl jewellery has long been known to be a sign of purity, beauty and wealth. Yes, ropes of pearls are great, but unique pearl designs are just as fabulous! Choose a pearl piece that you love, and keep it close forever. New to FV is the circle seed pearl studs, I love the subtle statement this pair makes while being so easy to wear.

As I was born in October, my birthstone is tourmaline. I have a few beautiful pieces focused around the tourmaline stone. However, another stone I just love is the Blue Sapphire. With its deep navy blue tones, the Blue Sapphire stone is simply stunning. A bracelet that I wear most days on its own, or paired with my other favourites is the Maria Sapphire Bracelet, made from a sterling silver chain with petite sapphires. A bracelet not to be missed!

Last but not least, the necklace! Often necklaces can make or break an outfit. People can be drawn to our necklace if it is unique, beautiful and interesting. An essential necklace for every jewellery box is a classic, bold chain piece. For me, it is the Forte necklace. I love the slight statement look when you need it. I especially love the way this necklace is finished with the bar. It is crafted from sterling silver and is so well made. It goes with any look; casual, formal, business wear and beyond. Take a look today!

So, in summary you need; a pair of hoop earrings, a ring that makes you look and feel fabulous, a piece of pearl jewellery to love and behold, a touch of colour with a stone of your choice, and finally a versatile, well made necklace. I hope you will take a moment to look at my recommendations, I know you will find something to wear, share and enjoy!

Much love,

Jane x

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