Introducing Lucie

Introducing Lucie

Crafted from semi-precious stones, Lucie is the latest collection to join FV!

‘Lucie’ a french word meaning light, often used as a girl's first name, Lucie was the perfect description of this collection. 

We wanted a fine, petite style jewellery collection with a touch of colour. A collection that would be timeless, suitable for a wide range of women, and a collection women would be able to resonate with. We love the emerald cut of stones, so we kept things simple adding the emerald pendant onto a short style chain necklace and small hoop earrings.

Using high quality semi-precious stones Lucie was born. Currently, Lucie is available in four stones, set in either sterling silver, or sterling silver with a 14kt yellow gold plating finish. 

The necklace and earrings look fabulous when worn together as a set, or on their own paired with your personal favourites. 

Rhodolite Garnet - A warm, vibrant red shade. 

Green Amethyst - Light and bright green tones. 

Blue Topaz - Bold, beautiful mid blue.

Purple Amethyst - Strong, lilac and lavender like colour.

With the changing light, the stones reflect an array of tones and shades throughout the day. Making each piece beautiful, unique and so elegant. 

Lucie is the perfect for: a 21st birthday gift, a graduation present, the celebration of an anniversary or milestone, a get well soon gift and much more. 

Helen’s favourite is rhodolite garnet in silver, while Jane loves green amethyst in yellow gold. 

Explore our fabulous Lucie collection by clicking here. 

Wear, share & enjoy!

FV x

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