The Mid 20s Gift

The Mid 20s Gift

Gifting for someone special...

I am lucky enough to be an October baby and I celebrated my birthday earlier this month! I am now 26, feeling well on the way to 30...

Mid 20’s are a weird stage of life, some are still studying, some are just graduating, some have been working full time for 10 years, some are married, some have kids, and some are as single as they have ever been. Through all the chaos I do think you come to know who, and what is important, therefore a thoughtful, well made, meaningful gift is always very appreciated.

With that being said, it can be really hard knowing what to give someone in their mid 20’s as a gift, whether that be a birthday present, or a Christmas present. With Christmas just around the corner, here is what I can recommend or suggest as someone within this age group, I hope it helps!

The best place to start is to find out what colour jewellery the gift receiver wears (e.g some stick to yellow gold, while others are sterling silver always). We have options in all colours, but you want to choose something they will wear & love!

A pair of earrings that myself and several of my friends just love are the steel me yellow gold freshwater pearl earrings. This pair is made from stainless steel, so they are safe on the ears. Perfect for everyday wear, this rectangle shaped hoop is so lightweight and very on trend. The pearl can even be taken off so you have two pairs of earrings in one! This hoop style pair of earrings is available in yellow gold, silver & black, for just $69. Shop this pair here.

Currently I am loving the layered bracelet look. It is a chance to be expressive, perhaps with a little colour, mixed metals, semi-precious stones or pearls. Choose a stretchy bracelet from our La Pierre collection and pair it with a modern yet classic sterling silver bracelet from Demi. My personal favourites are the La Pierre Moonstone Stretchy Bracelet with the Demi Oval Link Fine Bracelet. Take a look and put something special together. Click here to shop our fabulous range of bracelets.

A 25th birthday is often a big one, and one that we remember. Last year I felt like it was an age I “should” have my life together. For my 25th I was given the Demi Double Chain Fob Necklace. It has two chains giving it a modern take on the classic look of the fob style necklace. It is short in length and sits perfectly on the chest. It is certainly a piece that will stand the test of time. If you are looking for a gift that is very special and designed to last, you can’t go wrong with this necklace. 

Lastly, brand new to FV is our La Stele Circle Rings. They are currently available in 6 different colours, 5 are semi-precious stones, while the other option is the mother of pearl. These rings are small, easy to wear, and allow for a touch of colour. Choose the stone, and colour of preference for that special someone. If you are stuck, my personal choice is the black onyx. These are sterling silver rings, available in four sizes. 

For any gifts, don’t forget we have complimentary gift wrapping on every order. No matter what the occasion, we will wrap, write notes, whatever you need to ensure the order is so well loved when opened. Just let us know how we can help you in the notes section at the checkout. Let us take care of the finer details, and enjoy our free shipping NZ wide. 

We are here to help! Got a question or not sure what to buy? Contact us and let’s get gifting. 

Take care & happy shopping,

Jane x

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