FV Sustainability & Ethics

FV Sustainability & Ethics

At FV, we are committed to ensuring that our business and practices are sustainable and ethical. We are constantly looking at ways we can improve and ensure our business is not hurting any part of our precious planet or people. 

Here is what sustainability and ethics looks like at FV:


Over the past couple of years we have begun to work more with sterling silver and stainless steel as opposed to various base metals and here is why. Base metal, for example brass, comes at a lower cost, however it usually contains lead and/or nickel which are metal components that are known to react with sensitive skin, therefore brass is not hypoallergenic. Brass and other base metals are not as durable or long lasting, and are also known to discolour and lose shape. This often results in people discarding their jewellery after a short life span. 

Stainless steel and sterling silver are at a slightly higher price, however they are hard wearing, hypoallergenic metals. This is why we are choosing to phase out base metals. By using stainless steel and sterling silver, we are encouraging buyers to buy something they love, that is affordable but will last as well as be comfortable and enjoyable to wear. 

We are conscious in making an effort with our packaging to ensure we use as little plastic as possible. Our mailer bags are crafted from recycled plastic, our packaging is all reusable, and in fact we encourage customers to keep their jewellery in the packaging to keep it safe when not in use. Regift the ribbon, reuse the box and tissue paper, and if applicable, recycle the box. 


After being designed in our Auckland studio, most FV products are manufactured throughout Asia. Thailand has long been known as the sterling silver capital of the world, due to their precision, quality and eye for design. Annually we check every factory who manufactures our designs for the working conditions, workers rights and environmental states to ensure that they are in line with the international labour laws and FV values. 

We know this is just the start of our ethics and sustainability journey, and we have a long way to go. We are making a start and a commitment, and we are excited to share with you our progress and journey.

Helen, Jane & The FV Team x


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