Dedicated to Bijoux

Dedicated to Bijoux

Bijoux, meaning jewellery in French, is one of our most intricate collections at FV. Crafted from sterling silver, every piece has been carefully designed to share in special moments and memories. Bijoux features an array of unique pieces which are classic with a modern twist. 

We designed these special jewellery pieces in our South Auckland studio. Beginning with inspiration and an idea, it truly never ceases to amaze us seeing a jewellery piece come to life. Here are some of our favourites explained…

Chaos & Confusion - Crafted from sterling silver and copper wire, Helen designed this necklace and pair of earrings when in the depths of the pandemic. It is a depiction of all things chaos and confusion. Due to the nature of the ball, every piece has been hand woven, which represents the unique situation of the pandemic for every one of us. This unique style has been loved by women all around the world, a reminder of strength and resilience.

The Fish - The fish pendant was designed to remind you of all things sun and holidays. The summer period was always so special for our family, like it is for many others. The fish is symbolic of the joyous memories and special moments. Available in the long style necklace or earrings, these pieces are made from sterling silver and have been designed to last. We love how unique ‘the fish’ is, and it is worn with a sense of pride and delight. 

Cluster - Designed to be simple yet stunning. We wanted an easy to wear style that would quickly elevate any outfit. The cluster set does exactly that. The sterling silver cluster pendant sits on the stud style earring, or the short style length rolo chain. This set has been seen in weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more. It is timeless, glamorous and not to be missed.

Explore our Bijoux range here, and find yourself or someone special a beautiful piece of jewellery. 


Helen & Jane x

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