April Changes...

April Changes...

For me, April has always been a huge month of change. I guess this feeling is strongly influenced by both the weather, and the Easter period which brings families together, a time to regroup, take time to reflect and prepare for winter April really does mark a true shift in our year. We are no longer eating outside as much, or have the doors wide open for air flow, we begin to make meals that are a bit more comforting, and out come the cardies, jumpers and hoodies, and soon enough…coats! There is one thing that never changes and that is there is always a tasty chardonnay on hand.

Throughout this period, it can be uplifting to have a few jewellery pieces that are transactional for the season, which look good on a t-shirt or also with a jacket. Your jewellery should bring your outfit together, and we have some fabulous pieces to do just that. 

By purchasing just a few new pieces for the season, it can really elevate your look, but also it makes you feel fabulous and more importantly new Jewellery can make you look and feel like you have a new wardrobe!. Let’s be honest, we all love something new! It doesn’t need to be expensive, that is why we do affordable, but high-quality jewellery. Here are our top 4 picks for April:

  1. You want to wear a short necklace that doesn’t get lost in the rest of your outfit. Our short La Pierre necklaces are made from sterling silver & your choice of precious stone. I would recommend carnelian, a beautiful orange and red toned stone, perfect for pairing with white or black clothing. Shop the necklace here.
  1. For a long style necklace, that is modern, but simple choose a Deux necklace. The best part is, they are just $69 and of course, with free shipping NZ wide! Available in rose gold, yellow gold, black, or silver colour with a small pendant and pearl hanging on the end of a chain. You might want more than one colour, they are that fabulous: Shop Deux.
  1. Our best seller for the last 6 months has been our La Stele Black Onyx Ring. It is a statement! It’s a weighty, solid ring, with a highly polished black onyx stone in an oval shape. It is now available in 4 sizes. Black Onyx is a stone of strength. It is known to assist with motivation, self-control, power and protection. Wear it on your middle finger and we promise, you will feel empowered, fabulous and ready to go!! Click to shop the Black Onyx Ring
  1. Keep your earrings fabulous, but simple. Sometimes with a jacket or scarf earrings can be the statement piece you need! I recommend our Steel Me Hoops, with either the star or heart. They are made from stainless steel and are designed to last. They’re easy to get on and off, and they are perfect for everyday wear. Choose your pair here.

Our goal is to make you feel fabulous always, but to let you know that it doesn’t need to be expensive, time consuming or difficult! We love how jewellery makes us feel, and we want to share that with all of you wonderful women. 

I hope you will find something to wear, share & enjoy. Wishing you a fabulous Easter with you & yours.

Helen xx 

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