Well for FV, January got off to a roaring start! 

As you may know…we took a leap of faith this month, here is how it went:

Over the past couple of years we have often had feedback from our fabulous retail partners and customers across New Zealand and Australia that our designs are very European, and would do well in that area of the globe. We decided it was time to explore a few options…

After careful consideration we decided to exhibit at Top Drawer, a luxury home, gift and fashion trade show. It was held across three days in January, in LONDON!

For our local, family owned business this was a real opportunity to grow throughout the UK and Europe… Of course, a bonus is that Jane is based in London so we could work the event together. So, off I went to London!

Together we discussed what products we would exhibit and what we thought would be the best for this market. We decided to go with a mix of our designs from stainless steel, to some of our fashion pieces, to sterling silver, semi-precious stones and pearls.

Both of us were filled with very mixed emotions! From excitement to nervousness we were really hoping that things would go well..

And they did!! We came away with a range of retail partners across England and Scotland, with some very good feedback about how unique, fabulous and well made our products were. A true pinch me moment that our New Zealand designed jewellery is going around the world - wow!

We learned a lot about the trends, preferences, styles and desires in the UK and Europe. We made some new friends, and most importantly we loved being together. It was my first time in London, and my goodness what a city, and what an opportunity. Sometimes you have to take a leap, you just never know where you will land.

Thank you so much for all of your support, kind messages and love! We are so grateful for this community of fabulous women. 

Take care, 

Helen x

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