Mystery Treasure Chest - Pearls

This treasure chest includes a range of FV jewellery featuring pearls, hand picked by the FV style team to personally suit you. Your jewellery could include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The jewellery arrives in a beautifully wrapped jewellery box, worth $25. 

Choose the amount you would like to spend, but be assured the value of the box will exceed what you pay, and provide you with a range of best sellers and new styles. The $129 jewellery box will be pearls from our fashion collection, while the $279 jewellery box will be from our silver collection.

Leave us a note to let us know your style and favourite colours so we can create the perfect mystery box for you.  

Be prepared to get excited to see what is inside your mystery box! 

Please note images are just an example and not necessarily in your box.


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