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Jewellery Box Essentials

Jewellery Box Essentials

June 01, 2017

We as women love jewellery and the way it can change an outfit and the way we view ourselves. We also love the meaning behind jewellery and the memories or moments they are able to capture in our lives - whether it be something simple like a watch and earrings or something more extensive like stacking and layering bracelets and necklaces. 

Wearing an abundance of jewellery at the same time is definitely not every women's cup of tea. I prefer the simple, elegant look and giving pieces the opportunity to really 'shine' and compliment who I am and what I am wearing.

Jewellery is a 'connector' for me. However some days I need to select that piece that empowers me to achieve what I need to get done, and other days it is all about the look, having fun and being different.

Like many women, I don't change my jewellery that often, especially not my rings and my watch. But, I love to create different looks with necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

If you were to take the minimalistic approach to jewellery - which I believe is very hard when there are so many beautiful pieces out there - diamonds, stones, gold (all colours), silver, pearls etc....., this is what I would recommend:.

1. A good basic silver set - chain, earrings, bracelet. If you love rings, add one in and a pendant or two to go on the chain. Its a good idea to have a variety of lengths of chain

2. Pearls - a good staple. They will completely change the look of an outfit. Pearls will dress up or dress down your outfit in an instance. A necklace 49cm with earrings - studs or dangles which ever you prefer

3. Gold - traditionally you were either a gold or silver wearer, now we mix it up and wear both, and yes all at the same time. There are definitely some outfits and skin tones that lend themselves more to gold. Gold however is a lot more expensive . Gold comes in yellow, white or rose. White gold works with silver - so you can share those basics. With yellow or rose a chain/necklace and earrings will see you thru. We are fortunate in the market to have some very good 'plated' product so if real gold is out of your price range, then chose a quality plated piece to give you the same look.

4. Watch - despite our massive dependency on our mobile phones and the fact they do and hold everything, a beautiful watch is still a statement piece and is often the critical piece that ties all our jewellery together. Choose the colour of the metal surrounding the face - usually silver, yellow gold, rose gold or black and work your bracelets and rings around it.

5. Colour - the market is saturated with colourful costume jewellery, so there is plenty to choose from. Every jewellery box should have a couple of pieces of really lovely coloured jewellery. The cheap pieces look cheap and will detract from your outfit. Choose quality pieces that go with the bulk of your wardrobe, look for necklaces that are double sided and versatile and have a small selection of earrings to match. Let these colourful pieces work in with your basic silver and/or gold collections.


Jewellery is many things, but most importantly it is like perfume - our tastes are very individual.

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