Eleta by Fabuleux Vous Jewellery Box

Different, Unique, a welcome change...

December 13, 2016

Eleta Jewellery Box by Fabuleux Vous Our market place is dominated by the big brands and ownership of such gives us social acceptance. Driven by the power of media and advertising it seems we all want what is the latest fashion or trend. It is awesome to see products coming to market where there is true design and innovation. This is what I love most about what we do at Fabuleux Vous – nothing copied or borrowed, just beautiful fresh thinking and it all starts with pencil and paper. I am loving my Eleta collection – 12 different pieces of chains and more than 20 different ways to wear it. The only thing that limits my creativity with this collection is my own imagination……

When I create something different and wear it and get such fabulous feedback – seriously it feels amazing.

I challenge you be unique and be a little bit different with your jewellery – create something just for you and enjoy every minute of it.

Both Fabuleux Vous’s new collections Eleta and Fae allow you to be beautifully unique.

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