Change in Season

Change in Season

August 18, 2017

From wind and rain to long days and sunshine, the seasons change.

Climatic changes mean changes to our wardrobe and with new seasons brings new fashion styles, colours and trends. By the end of one season, your wardrobe definitely feels like it is time for a refresh!

We continue to love the acceptance of ‘anything goes’ in the jewellery space, however we have noticed some changes. We are seeing less big chunky strands of bold beads and big interchangeable pendants with a focus more on individuality created with layering and statement pieces. The combination of metals, gold and silver and colour, with mixed mediums of rope, cord, leather etc… is very on trend.

We love the fact the world is so connected. Unique and individual designs can be achieved by combing the global for special components. This is one of the aspects of the Fabuleux Vous design process that we absolutely love, and it makes our collections so very different, definitely unique and true to being a designer brand.

It is great that we no longer have to buy mass produced jewellery and look the same as everyone else! Each of us can bring out our own style guru and be individuals.

Vintage is making a comeback with charm and style - but demanding some creativity.

The Vintage style of clothing has always been associated with accessorising and this season will be no different,

Sterling silver continues to be the big seller and depending on the amount of silver used in each piece will depend on the price – throw in a big brand name and you could find you are paying for the name not the silver or the quality….


Our Fabuleux Vous picks for this season:

Sterling silver : Clara

Vintage is : Garden of Eden

Fashion is : Lacy, closely followed by Daisy Bomb

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