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Helen Thompson-Carter forwomen ambassador

56 Women die every week - who is next?

May 31, 2016

May is ‘Go Red’ month where the Heart Foundation focus all their energies on Women’s Heart Health. I am proud to be the Go Red For Women Ambassador and relish every opportunity to share with women how they can survive and avoid (in most cases) dying prematurely of heart disease.

The facts are startling!

56 women die every week in NZ of Heart Disease.

Heart disease kills 5 times more women that all cancers put together.

Women are 4 times more likely to die of Heart Disease than they are Breast Cancer

Heart Disease in New Zealands biggest killer of our women!

If you are a European women over the age of 50 your risk has increased.

If you are a Maori, Pacific Island, Indo-Asian, East Asian women your risk increases over the age of 45.

There are risk factors you can avoid and some you can’t.

Risk factors you can control:

-Eat well – lean meats, fruit and veges

-Exercise – MOVE! Regularly

-Weight – be the right weight for your height, don’t be overweight!

-Smoking – DON’T SMOKE! It is the biggest risk factor of all

Risks you cannot control:




-Family tendency and history


Start a conversation with your family today and see if there is a family history of heart disease. If there is, go and have a chat with your family Doctor and get a Heart WOF.

Raising funds to support Women’s Heart health is focused on continued research, as we now know that women can present very differently to men. We all need to know the signs of a ‘Heart Attack’ and act quickly, not wait until the washing and the dishes are done! I know this because I am a Heart Attack survivor – I was 37, 2 small children and it came completely out of the blue!

For many women like myself, no chest discomfort or pain is experienced before the Heart Attack.

Look for symptons like, chest tightness, back, shoulder or even abdominal pain, feeling of indigestion, light headedness, dizziness, nausea, arm, neck and jaw pain – if you have more than one of these symptoms, you might just be having a little heart attack…. Call 111 immediately – it could just save your life!

To find out more about why Heart Disease is killing our women in such significant numbers go to: - see my story

Or contact me direct :

We would love to hear from you, love your support in anyway – volunteer, donations – anything!

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