21st Gift Ideas Are Here!

21st Gift Ideas Are Here!

October 08, 2020

love goes round, sterling silver, 21st, 21, gift, ring, necklace, present, birthdayHello fabulous people, it's Jane here, and here we are in October, 2020! There seems to be many birthdays in October, including me, an October baby. I am pictured here with FV mascot Fergie, wearing my Love Goes Round necklace and Napoleon ring. 

This year I will be turning 24! I feel lucky to be growing old...not so excited about the grey hair and wrinkles but there are worse things that could happen, right?

When I turned 21, it was a huge milestone, and the 21st birthday is widely celebrated around the globe. For NZ, Aus and the UK this marks the start of adulthood for many, while in the USA 21 is the legal drinking age. Regardless, a 21st gift is something that is treasured forever. 

For a 21 year old in 2020, fashion is definitely about a finer chain and more delicate pieces. Shorter necklaces, around the 45cm mark are very popular, we have seen earrings begin to make more of a statement being bigger, bolder and becoming more of a centre piece as opposed to a necklace, as well as the featuring of pearls and precious stones. 

If you are looking for a gift for a 21st I wanted to write this to basically help you out and point you in the right direction, from the perspective of a pretty normal girl in their 20s. 

The FV collections are extensive and broad so there will be something to suit your needs, style and budget. The best thing is all of our jewellery is designed right here in NZ! 

Our most popular collection for this age group is "Love Goes Round" the simple use of hearts in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, have made for an easy yet meaningful 21st gift with the general meaning of love. 

The second collection I would recommend would be "Maria". Maria includes pearls and precious stones. The birthstone for October is Tourmaline and this stone is featured throughout. Many other stones feature in Maria that are birthstones, for example September Sapphires and July Rubies. Maria is a unique, lively and dainty collection featuring an array of colours and styles. This collection is very much one of a kind, so if you would like a 21st gift that will stand out, then perhaps have a look through Maria.

For classic and traditional sterling silver our "Demi" and "Forte" collections take a modern twist on traditional silver. Featuring a FOB chain, a rectangle chain, the Fleur De Lis coin in bracelets, necklaces and earrings, these really are collections that will never go in and out of style. Demi and Forte are priced at the higher end because of the weight and silver in each piece. For a daughter, niece, best friend, girlfriend or partner, this would be my recommendation, something very simple and classic. 

If your budget is around $50 that is okay too! A perfect pair of hoops will never be overlooked by any woman, ever. So our "FV Hoops" are a great option with three colours and five size options available, all at just $39. "Lacey" earrings are also very popular in the younger woman, choose the shape and size of your choice (I wear the small silver circle earrings all the time!). And then finally check out our "sale" section, or "just one" section for some unique choices, popular end of lines and last chance pieces.

As always we have free shipping NZ wide & gift wrapping available just leave us a note at the checkout. Hopefully this has been helpful, leave us a message if you require more assistance and we will be happy to help you! 

Take care, 
Jane xx

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