2017 The Jewellery ‘Connection’

2017 The Jewellery ‘Connection’

December 13, 2016

Silver continues to be as popular as ever and 2017 will continue to show growth of this beautiful precious metal. 

What we learnt in 2016 is that women love the idea of ‘connection’ – having a piece of jewellery that really means something, something that touches their soul and allows an emotional connection. A piece that is representative of an event, a moment in time, a loved one or life’s journey itself…

Our Declaration collection continues to thrive.

In 2016 we added 4 new pieces to this very unique collection :

Dragon fly ‘Freedom to Change’

Compass ‘Trust in the Journey’

Winged Heart ‘Treasure the Memories’

Daisy ‘Life in Bloom’

We also introduced pendants only – which gives greater flexibility in style.

This has also meant you can choose your own chain or simply change your pendant depending on how you feel and how relevant your piece of Declaration is for that particular day or event.

Moving into 2017 we will release a new piece exclusive to women with Heart Disease or a connection to women with Heart Disease. This piece is called ‘Second Chance’ .

With this a % of each sale will go directly to the Heart Foundation ‘forWomen’ to support vital research into women’s heart health.

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